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Kim Johnston Executive Search offers a professional, discreet and tailored service that enables organisations to identify, evaluate and integrate the right person for their key executive jobs and management positions.

We provide a truly collaborative and consultative approach to executive search that is based on a thorough understanding of the strategic, financial and operational issues our clients face.

Our Approach

The processes we've established through over two decades of work, together with our proven methodologies and comprehensive analysis help ensure that no stone is left unturned during the search.

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If connecting into a network of exceptional candidates and working alongside consultants whose service is moulded to your specific requirements is what you need, reach out to the Kim Johnston Executive Recruitment team.

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Sometimes you can get apprehensive about looking for jobs or going to interviews. This is even more challenging if it has been a while since you last dipped your toe into the job market. This book will give you insights into how potential employers think and what working with a Head Hunter should be like. It may give you inspiration and ideas of how to market and present yourself better.

What we do

Advertised Search and Selection

Advertised search and selection is designed to attract the widest possible response for our client. This involves placing an advertisement in the most relevant and appropriate media in conjunction with a well defined and targeted search strategy. We provide a complete service from the design and placement of the advert through to providing a suitable shortlist. This service is appropriate when the individuals being sought are likely to come from a broader background and there are not so many restrictions placed on their experience. Our clients benefits from the knowledge that the industry search has highlighted all potential candidates working for the competition that can do the job as well as giving the client the best selection of candidates from other areas.

Board Search

The role of CEO and the Board is increasingly looked upon with greater scrutiny by the public and various regulators. Corporate governance reforms have raised the bar of corporate board performance while also increasing the challenge of recruiting the best leaders for director-level positions. We has a proven track record to executing on top-level assignments. From succession planning to the impact of good corporate governance, our clients look to us to provide them with not only the best executive search service but also strong, accurate and concrete recommendations that will help them make decisions that are essential to the health and future of their businesses. We help manage their leadership assets from the acquisition of talent through executive search to providing counsel in areas that include succession planning, executive compensation, and board assessment.

Interview Skills Master Classes

In today’s climate there are many top level executives who have not had recent interview experience and are in need of polishing their skills in order to perform their best at an interview. By running a mock interview with real, competency based questions we provide feedback and coaching to those who want to get an edge on the competition.

Leadership Assessment & Development

We design and deliver bespoke assessment initiatives including assessment centres, 360˚ and 1:1 assessment incorporating psychometrics, allowing leaders to explore their existing team and individual capability and identify any gaps which, if addressed, can help drive business and personal success. We work with you to create tailored leadership development initiatives, including coaching, to address identified need and develop the required capability.

Non-Executive Directors – access to The Chartered Director Bank

This is a collaborative venture with Director Development Ireland Ltd who deliver the programmes leading to the Institute of Directors’ hierarchy of professional leadership qualifications – the “gold standard” of which is Chartered Director status. Many of the provinces top private and public sector leaders proudly display the “C Dir” designation on their business cards. Chartered Director status is achieved after taking part in a comprehensive development programme, passing the IoD examinations which cover the spectrum of core skills, demonstrating through a portfolio and peer review that one’s personal directorial experience (minimum 3 years) meets the IoD’s rigorous criteria and signing up to the Code of Professional Conduct. Through The Chartered Director Bank we have unique access to the cadre of Chartered Directors who are willing to serve as highly able non-executive directors (“NEDs”) on a variety of boards.


Coaching and mentoring are increasingly being used by progressive organisations to optimise executive performance. This can focus on enhancing the performance of executives in existing roles as well assisting those in new/ enhanced roles to make a rapid transition to the new regime. We deliver group facilitation and individual business/performance coaching to executives from across the private, public and voluntary sectors, focusing on:

  • Managing the transition into new or extended management roles
  • Prioritising, focus, self management – achieving strategic and operational balance
  • Developing an inclusive vision and communicating this to managers/teams
  • Translating vision into practical implementation strategies
  • Translating strategies into motivational manager-specific objectives
  • Managing performance at the organisation, team and individual level
  • Engaging staff in planning and implementing growth strategies.

The Career Clinic

Sometimes you get to the stage of your career when you think, “Is this it? Another few years in the same organisation, doing the same thing, not developing new skills or growing as a professional..”

The Situation

It often happens that things are thrust upon you – redundancy, a change in personal circumstances or some trigger that makes you want or need to re-evaluate where you are in your career.

The Framework

Who do you talk to? Whose advice, empathy and breadth of understanding coupled with a totally impartial analysis can you trust to help steer you through uncertainty and flux?

The Path Forward

At the Career Clinic, we offer a confidential and challenging look at where you are now and help guide you into the direction you need to go to attain the meaningful career and job satisfaction that you deserve.

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